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Communicating with Advisors

Communication includes all of your email, texting (SMS), and announcements for advising appointments and events.

From the dashboard, you can select Connect > Communication, which is a shortcut for going to the Communication menu, at left:

Choosing Connect > Communication is the same as the Communication menu at left

Email and SMS

Emailing your advisors within the application has big benefits: you can keep your history all together, star (⭐) the important messages, type to search on advisors’ names, and attach files directly from your Library:

The Email and SMS tab is a combined inbox for both email and text, but SMS (phone texting) is really a read-only archive record of your texts, so you can search and find what you need. 

If you want to reply to a text conversation, you need to do it from your phone. Once anyone in the advising office texts you through the application, just reply to them on your phone, and it will be captured on this page.

Important: Getting texts from Advising requires two things: (1) you must enable SMS in your personal Settings, and (2) you must have a cell phone number officially listed in your student account with the institution.


The Announcements tab is where you see broadcast and system messages from the advising office, such as for academic deadlines, advising events, and event changes and cancellations. 

Open an announcement to see its details. If it is an attendance-tracked event (or limited in number of attendees), you will be asked to RSVP Yes or No. From the Download Event drop-down menu, you can share or download a calendar entry for the event (to upload it to your personal calendar).

Tip: If an event is full, you can request to be alerted if a spot opens up, and you can leave a message or question for the organizer. 

If an event is already full, you can request to be alerted if a space opens up
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