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Advising Library for Students

Your library allows you to upload and manage your own files that you can then share or keep private. You can also see and open files that advisors have shared with you. 

From the dashboard, you can select Connect > Library, which is a shortcut for going to the Library menu, at left:

Choosing Connect > Library is the same as the Library menu at left

My Files 

Use the My Files tab to see and control the privacy of all materials (such as resumes and letters) that you have uploaded. Select + Add New to upload a file or save a link (URL).

Note: Pay close attention to the lock icons! Advisors can’t see any file you post here until you unlock it (click Make Visible). To make them all visible, select the checkbox in the header (to select them all) and click the Make Visible button.

Important: The Download (Excel) button gives you a list of your resources, but it does not download their contents. If you need to download files themselves, use the download buttons in the File column.

Shared with Me

Use the Shared With Me tab to access read-only materials (files and web links) that you received from the Advising office. Entire folders may have been shared with you, such as for a study-abroad program.

Tip: Whenever you see a folder icon, click on it to open its contents. To return back to the top-level folder, click the Share With Me tab.

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