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Advising Dashboard for Students

Your institution is using Civitas Advising, which puts a lot of power in your hands:

  • Find open slots and schedule your own appointments
  • Directly message your advisors and instructors
  • Share files with everyone helping you, so you end up with better, informed decisions

The Dashboard is your gateway to all of this. From here you can access every part of the application: Connect, Academics, and your profile. You can always get back here by clicking the Home (house) menu at top left. Mouse over the left menu to expand it and see all the parts of Advising you can use.

Do essentials from the Dashboard, and check notifications

Best practice: Whenever you open the application, immediately check the Notifications (bell đź”” icon) at the top right, by your profile picture. The counter will let you know how many new (unread) messages and announcements you have. These can be time-sensitive things, like sign-ups and deadlines, so keep on top of those!


The Connect panel puts your everyday essentials into one place: get an appointment, see if you have events coming up, check if you have unread messages, contact your advisors, and sign in at a kiosk for a walk-in session. You can also jump straight to your Library.

Schedule Appointment

From the dashboard, Schedule Appointment opens to the Calendar’s Search Appointments tab, so that you can target exactly what you want. If you are not sure who can meet with you, open Contact my Advisors on the dashboard to see your assignments.

For example, if you are in a hurry for face-to-face counseling with Rosa, select the Modality of In Person, select the Office of Counseling, select the Advisor as Rosa Hernandez, and click Search:

Search for appointments by type, office, and advisor

As soon as you schedule your appointment, it appears both on your Calendar View and My Appointments and Events tabs. (If you have too many recurring events to see it, deselect them under Event Types.) 

Click to open your appointment to do any of these:

  1. Contact the advisor you’d be seeing (Message Advisor button)
  2. Download the appointment (so you can upload it into your own calendar)
  3. Reschedule it (pick a different time slot, even a different day)
  4. Cancel it (select Delete)
  5. Edit the details (you need to scroll down to see those fields)
Open an appointment to change or delete it


The Academics panel gives you an at-a-glance summary of your standing: GPA, courses, and credits. Select the Courses link to open your full Course History, where you can verify the details and contact your instructors. 

Note: If you see anything that needs correcting or explanation, contact your advisor.


From the dashboard, you can select Profile under your name, which is a shortcut for going to your profile picture menu at top right:

Check and update your Profile from the menu on your picture or from the Dashboard

On your Profile, you can update your headshot photo (but not remove it entirely). There is no undo, but you can right-click the original and select Save image as… to back it up before replacing it.

Your Profile also lets you check and download (as PDF) the information that is stored about you in the student information system. 

Note: If you see anything in your profile that needs correcting or explanation, contact your advisor.

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